My passion is using masks and movement to explore emotions, archetypes, sub-personalities and the unconscious. I do this by sharing the masks I’ve made and offering expressive movement through interactive presentations, workshops, and commission services.

My partner and husband, Marty Landa, and I developed the first, easy and fast, environmentally friendly mask making kit. These are available in bulk packages for 10 to 50.

I discovered artistic modeling early in midlife and enjoy translating my love of movement and creativity into expressions of stillness.

If you want something unique and inspiring at your next gathering, we

hope you’ll consider unmasking it one way or another with us!

Sincerely, Pash Galbavy

President, Alive Today Enterprises


Masks & Movement Unbounded

Photo: Larry Pollock

Photo: Larry Lindahl

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

                ~Oscar Wilde

Witness a movement or mask presentation. Make masks with your team,

group, or family. Creatively bring people together. Be inspired. Have fun!

Pash, Masks, & The Body Reclamation Project

(5 minutes)

This video offers an intro to Pash’s mask work and her show, “The Body Reclamation Project.”

NOTE: For smoother viewing, after pressing “play” button, press “pause” and allow video to download, i.e., let gray line move across and fill player line, before pressing “play” again.

Photo: Larry Lindahl

Photo: Larry Lindahl

Photo: Larry Lindahl

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Photo: Susie Lang

KPNX Channel 12NEWS

Interview - Pash & Masks for the Climate

(2 minutes)

Pash’s 11/28/15 KPNX Channel 12NEWS interview with reporter George Heckard about her work with climate change and masks.

Voyage Phoenix Magazine Interview

Pash’s 9/ 4/18 interview in Voyage Phoenix Magazine about her masks and modeling work. This is part of the magazine’s series, The Thought-Provokers: Celebrating Artists and Creatives.

Cover photo by Susie Lang.