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Sophia, the Wise Woman

with photographer Susie Lang

It was a pleasure and honor to explore the relationship of these archetypes during a photo shoot this summer with compatriots in deep play, my dance partner and engineer Mark Stevens, and photographer . In March of 2013, I went on a photo shoot with Susie Lang at Shaman's Cave in Sedona with my Sophia Wise Woman mask. 

Sophia is an archetype that I am slowly working my way into. This shoot was the first time I'd worn her for an extended period. She felt very old and her body unsteady. As she made her way walking across the uneven expanse of Shaman's Cave to the window rock at it's far end, the sound of her boots on the rock echoed loudly. Swallows swooshed and chirped around the wide cave opening. A storm was fast approaching from the North and thunder occasionally rumbled in the distance. 

As Sophia carefully made her way towards the bright light of the cave window, she had the experience of looking backwards and forwards into time simultaneously. It was a profound moment of clarity, of connection to humanity, mortality, and immortality. She witnessed her childhood, adulthood, old age, death, and the Great Beyond, which spread outside the light streaming window, as if it they were all One. One breath. One blink. One smile. Expanding in all directions into eternity. 

When I took off the mask, I felt as though I'd just experienced a small glimpse of the cosmos. 

Photos by Susie Lang