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Sophia, the Wise Woman - revisited

with photographer Susie Lang

In my recent photo shoot with Susie Lang I continued to work with Sophia, the wise woman archetype. I'd gotten food poisoning two nights before the shoot, and I was still feeling pretty weak and feeble. So I was surprised to see how young and energized Sophia appeared in the photos. Hers is an archetype with a lot of strength, resilience, and of course, wisdom. I love that her spirit is getting younger the more I explore her and start to deepen into her essence. It reminds me of one of the finest compliments I've ever received, which was from my mother. She said that as I get older, I'm becoming more and more like I was as a child! It also reminds me of a comment made by a wise woman friend, Patricia Waters, who said she was much younger in her seventies than she was in her 20's. Long live playfulness and power!


Photos by Susie Lang