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The Body Reclamation Project

Fall 2010,

with performance photos by Larry Lindahl

The Body Reclamation Project is a one-woman show in which Pash shares about her challenges to be at home in her body. She touches on issues faced by many in our western culture on the journey into, and through adulthood. She brings masks to life as the embodiment of archetypal characters that are encountered both within and without. 

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The Critic’s sharp mind evaluates every detail for adherence to perceived social norms. If found lacking, fast and precise denunciation follows. When heeded with wise discernment, this archetype can protect against poor decision-making.

Shame trembles at the thought of being seen. Knowing when to remain quiet and when to step out are the secrets it must unlock.

The Pleaser  so wants to be loved. She’ll do anything to keep the peace. Her lesson is to keep harmony within as without. 

The Rebel  appears to have a propensity towards wildly destructive behavior, especially when confined for too long. Given freedom to follow her own rhythms, she carries the keys to all manner of healthy balance.

The Addict  wreaks havoc in its quest for ever more. Its gifts include recognizing limits and knowing what is enough.

The Visionary  sees into the nebular depths of possibility. It offers hope that at any moment, dream seeds may burst into being.

The Artist never hesitates to try whatever creative idea pops into its head. Recognizing what is prudent to pursue, carrying projects through, and knowing when to stop are its lessons.

The Sacred Prostitute  journeys to the underground where she undergoes a transformation that unites form and spirit. Once initiated, she devotes her life to All that is sacred.

Compassion  witnesses the wounds of the mind, body, heart and soul with love and care. She tenderly holds the tension of opposites and awaits the birth of the Unknown. Her wisdom is in knowing how long to hold and when to take action.

Photos by Larry Lindahl