In this one-woman, presentation, Pash shares about her own challenges to be at home in her body. She touches on issues faced by many in our western culture on the journey into, and through adulthood. She brings masks to life as the embodiment of archetypal characters--such as the Rebel, Pleaser, Prostitute, and Saboteur--that are encountered both within and without. Traversing pleasure and peril, from promiscuity, to violence, to eating disorders, to nude modeling, the body is the landscape where inner and outer struggles converge. Pash offers hope that a way back to ourselves can be found by learning to listen and respond to our own inner calling, however strange its voice may seem. 


Project Presentation Options

• Presentations can be adjusted from a half-hour to two hours.

• After the presentation, participants can be facilitated to share their thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

• Participants make their own archetypal masks of reclamation.


The Body Reclamation Project

“Truly a product of vision, grace and an almost ethereal degree of authenticity.”

~ Dr. Michael Norwood, bestselling author,

“The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul”

“I went expecting to be entertained, but received the tremendous gift of being utterly annihilated....It touched me like nothing ever has. I encourage every girl/woman to see this show.”

~ Angela Bean, writer

“It was so powerful, authentic, raw and real. . . I appreciated Pash’s courage to create a portal for me to see myself more clearly and compassionately. I hope more people can experience this.”

~ Oman Ken, musician, writer, celebration artist

photo: Larry Pollock

photo: Larry Pollock

photo: Larry Pollock