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SouthWestern Academy

Fall 2007, SouthWestern Academy, Rimrock, AZ

Spiritual director and counselor Charlie Harper decided to tackle his student’s midterm blues with a mask making project. The assignment was to make a mask of other people’s faces and get to know the person who you were making a mask of. Due to the multicultural nature of the school, one of the rules was that students had to pair with someone of a different nationality. The project took on its own life when students decided to make a mask garden to display their creations. A community opening night exhibit included costumes and a giant water fight.


There was every dynamic you could want in this project because it involved communication between partners and a certain amount of skill. The interaction was fantastic because it incorporated physical contact and team work.”

          -Charlie Harper, founder, principal & teacher for Zia Coyote, an organization that works with young people in crisis.

Charlie Harper
Charlie Harper